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Visitors to Canada

'Secure 4 Life Insurance’ works with a number of top Insurance companies.

GMS Travel Insurance
Tour Med Travel Insurance
Allianz Travel Insurance
Destination Travel Insurance
TuGo Travel Insurance
Blue Cross

We will compare their plans and rates to make sure you are getting the best product at the lowest price. Plans can include coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Are you or your family immigrating to Canada? Sponsoring Parents or Grandparents?

Whether it is visiting Canada for short stays or a long term stay on a Supervisa, ‘Secure 4 Life Insurance’ can assist you with the best plan.

NOTE: The Canadian Government has a mandatory requirement of 365 days and $100k minimum of coverage for plans used in conjunction with a Supervisa. ‘Secure 4 Life Insurance’ is available to assist you with your Visitor To Canada Insurance. Full refunds available if the visa is declined.

**Insurance Products available to Ontario Residents only.