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Hello Joanne, I do not know how many trees you shook. We were stuck going nowhere until you got involved and made things happen.

Immediately after you contacted Blue Cross and sent me the contact numbers, I was able to connect with Blue Cross and the required GOP was issued after a 47 minute phone call with their claims office.

I have no quarrel with the duration of the call and found that the competence and proficiency of the claims person I spoke with was above reproach, and I as much as acknowledged her diligence directly to her.

The anxiety was over the insurance company failure to respond initially on a timely basis. Busy is no excuse when serious injury has occurred, which is an invariable circumstance when a hospital or emo calls requesting authorization to proceed.

You helped turn around a dicey situation and I thank you for that.

Lisa suffered a broken shoulder that required surgery and insertion of a plate secured by 8 screws. The surgeon said the break was the worst case he had ever seen. Lisa is blessed to have had the best surgeon in all Costa Rica perform the procedure.

It is now 10 days since the surgery and only today has the extreme pain she experienced ceased to be. She is going to be fine, she will commence physiotherapy upon return to Canada May 4.

I am fortunate to have you as our insurance person.