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Snowbird Travel Insurance

Heading South for the winter?

Need Coverage for International Travel?

Snowbird Insurance

Visitors to Canada

'Secure 4 Life Insurance’ works with a number of top Insurance companies.

Young Families and Singles Travel Insurance

Majority of Canadians do not Purchase Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is one of the easiest decisions you will ever make. However, the sad reality is that many Canadians do not purchase proper coverage before they travel and in some cases medical expenses incurred in foreign countries have forced some families into bankruptcy.

Life Insurance

Making the right choices for protecting you and your loved ones in the case of a premature death comes down to understanding some basic principles and rules of thumb. The first is that the name is all wrong; life insurance does not help you, it helps to protect the standard of living and lifestyle of those you leave behind. So more accurately it should be called something like: loved one's lifestyle assurance plan?.


**Insurance Products available to Ontario Residents only.