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Snowbird Travel Insurance

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Snowbird Insurance

Visitors to Canada

'Secure 4 Life Insurance’ works with a number of top Insurance companies.

Life Insurance

Making the right choices for protecting you and your loved ones in the case of a premature death comes down to understanding some basic principles and rules of thumb. The first is that the name is all wrong; life insurance does not help you, it helps to protect the standard of living and lifestyle of those you leave behind. So more accurately it should be called something like: loved one's lifestyle assurance plan?.

Living Benefits

At Secure 4 Life Insurance Inc, we provide you with a wide variety of travel insurance, health and dental plans tailored to suit your needs.

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Critical Illness

A critical illness can happen to anyone. And it does happen to many. Canadians are more likely to experience a critical illness than they are to die before the age of 75. For most ...



**Insurance Products available to Ontario Residents only.